Pulsenics develops real-time diagnostic solutions to monitor electrochemical performance of batteries, rapidly and non-disruptively.

Company Profile

Pulsenics develops hardware and data solutions to rapidly measure the state of health of electrodes, membranes, and electrolytes from within a battery without the traditional need for destruction. Pulsenics services battery OEMs in de-risking battery designs and scale-up and the rapid qualification of batteries for serial production in a factory setting.

Product/Service Information

Pulsenics develops hardware and data solutions to measure the performance of batteries in a fast, comprehensive, and non-disruptive manner. One Pulsenics hardware unit can measure the performance of hundreds of battery cells at the same time, within 20 seconds. Every cell in a battery module can also be qualified in a matter of seconds. Pulsenics enables battery manufacturers to comprehensively qualify the performance of every single cell being manufactured in a high through-put environment.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Pulsenics leads to 30%+ faster go-to-market through accelerated R&D timelines for OEMs. Pulsenics enables 99.8%+ faster quality assurance for high-throughput battery manufacturing. Pulsenics is a market leader in the advanced diagnostics of batteries, servicing battery manufacturers in 10 countries on an international scale.

Pulsenics won tender as the go-to Performance Assurance solution for automotive battery production facility in North America and Europe. Ongoing partnership with companies like Hyzon Motors, electric-hydrogen truck OEM, to optimize fuel cell and battery performance. Pulsenics’ technology is trusted by OEMs in 10 countries for battery R&D testing and performance assurance for battery manufacturing. Currently no business experiences in Korea and Japan. However, we have been in discussions with companies with teams in North America but headquartered in Japan or Korea.


The main objectives in joining this trade mission include developing partnerships and relationships with battery manufacturers to apply rapid quality assurance protocols to high throughput manufacturing settings.

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Date: March 6 - 8, 2024

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
Japan and Korea


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