NanoRial is enabling next-generation batteries, from faster-charging to high-energy-density batteries, through its patented technology and disruptive carbon nanotube (CNT)-based additives.

Company Profile

NanoRial is at the forefront of advancing next-generation batteries, revolutionizing the landscape from faster-charging capabilities to high-energy-density configurations. This groundbreaking transformation is made possible through its patented technology and disruptive carbon nanotube (CNT)-based additives. NanoRial is in the process of constructing new production lines capable of producing ~50 tons/year of CNT dispersion (ready by April). This facility will not only enable the company to supply its current and early customers but also optimize the processing parameters for designing its next-generation, fully automated CNT dispersion plant (in progress) with a capacity of several thousand tons per year.

Product/Service Information

NanoRial is a leading supplier of high-quality, fully dispersed CNT-based additives for batteries, offering ANTIS as our brand name for both cathodes and anodes. These additives can enable:

  • Higher energy density = longer range EVs
  • Faster charge rates
  • Extended lifetime

NanoRial’s disruptive CNT-based additives enable significant property enhancement in battery cathodes and anodes, such as a 10x to 1000x increase in conductivity and a 2x to 10x increase in mechanical strength, all achieved at significantly lower cost and with very low CNT concentration, using its proprietary continuous and capital-efficient nanoparticle exfoliation technology.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Early traction is significant with an active pipeline ready for rapid scale-up:

  • 6 customers purchasing product,
  • 7 customers in late-stage testing,
  • +100 customers in early-stage testing and/or active discussions

NanoRial has formed a strategic partnership with a major chemical company to jointly commercialize its additives in the battery market, and they are currently being tested by leading Li-ion battery manufacturers in Japan, Korea, and the USA. The company is also partnered with industry leaders LG Chem and Kumho Petrochemical (in Korea), serving as primary suppliers of carbon nanotubes for NanoRial’s cutting-edge product lines. Project 2N-CSi is the first EV battery materials collaborative product being developed by two Canadian and Ontario-based companies. NEO Battery and NanoRial will continue to further advance the product, in progressing towards engaging global battery manufacturers and EV automakers for commercial-level testing.


NanoRial would like to market and gain insights into potential opportunities for expansion and establish and strengthen connections with industry peers, potential partners, and clients.

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Date: March 6 - 8, 2024

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Stephen Ip
Senior International Market Consultant
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