For over two decades, KLAVAN Physical and Cyber Security Services leads the intelligence and security sector. Guided by seasoned experts, KLAVAN collaborates with esteemed agencies in Canada, Mexico, and the Five Eyes Community. Trusted by private enterprises in North America, its commitment remains steadfast in protecting nations and businesses. KLAVAN empowers privacy, fortify businesses, and secure digital assets, offering cutting-edge solutions. It stands as unwavering guardians, extending protection globally, ensuring security remains inviolable. Your trust is KLAVAN’s greatest asset. KLAVAN is here, vigilant and devoted—always and everywhere!

Three core activities:

  • Virtual/fractional CISO Services
  • Law, military and intelligence specialized solutions
  • Adversarial emulation cyber and physical security services

Partners/customers that you are seeking:

  • Local law enforcement/military
  • Cyber security services providers
  • Start-ups and incubator
  • Utility companies (water, electricity and communications)
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Event details

Date: May 27 - June 6, 2024

Event contact

Arman Giloyan
Senior International Market Consultant


12 in total