Skadi is a corporation that provides fully monitored and end-to-end cybersecurity solutions through SOCaaS to protect corporations from data leakage, cybersecurity threats including ransomware, and provide confidential, holistic intelligence reporting from various sources regarding potential threat actors. It enables full defense in depth through the deployment of innovative cloud-based software solutions at an accessible price point for small and medium-sized business and NGOs.

Three core activities:

  • Security operations centre as a service (SOCaaS)
  • Investigation and incident response
  • Security consulting

Partners/customers that Skadi is seeking:

Skadi is seeking SME customers who desire full end-to-end cybersecurity services that include security logging and monitoring, managed detection and response, PEN testing, PAM, and vulnerability management at a very competitive price point.

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Event details

Date: May 27 - June 6, 2024

Event contact

Arman Giloyan
Senior International Market Consultant


12 in total