Fitec is a Canadian company with over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, providing plant designs, mechanical equipment and operations support to valued clients and partners.

We provide resource-efficient equipment and expert support to divert organic waste from landfills and transform it into biogas for use in local energy grids as renewable natural gas or electricity. We are committed to providing robust, holistic, high-performance biogas solutions for our clients and partners.

Vision and Mission Statements

Fitec believes in the twofold benefits of biogas:

  • As a solution to our climate’s needs to address waste
  • As an opportunity to gain value from our refuse

The challenges that our planet faces are severe, but solutions like biogas can contribute to a circular economy and help curb the current trajectory of our endangered climate.

Products and Services

  • Self-Cleaning Digester – utilizes a floor sweeper to continuously remove coarse contaminants and a skimming system to continuously remove floating contaminants, allowing the digestion of a large variety of contaminated food wastes while producing a digestate so clean that it exceeds the world’s strictest standards.
  • BioSqueeze Depackager – a hydraulic-press depackaging system that can separate food waste from contaminants such as plastic and metal packaging, bones, cutlery, stones, etc.
  • Pasteurizing System
  • Pumps

Differentiation Factor(s)

  • We have experience building an anaerobic digester in Mexico
  • Will build to suit the client’s needs, including smaller commercial-sized digesters (80-100 kW projects)
  • Our technology specializes in handling contaminated feedstocks, but we will also design facilities for clean feedstock
  • Our technology is highly resource efficient, needing little to no water

Objectives at Green Expo Mexico 2022

Finding more potential clients in Mexico, now that we have found a construction partner and understand the most efficient way to structure our contracts and organize equipment supply to that country.

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Event details

Date: September 6 - 8, 2022

Event contact

Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


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