Provectus Enterprising Inc. aims at creating circular economy and creating jobs from food waste streams, while addressing landfill diversion and curbing GHG impacts. Their goal is zero waste and 100% utilization of end products that helps “regenerative agriculture” best practices as well.

Products and Services

Provectus’ Zed Machine is keen to expand in Mexico, realizing Mexico is facing water stress and water footprint issues plus food security and food supply chain issues.

Provectus is also looking forward to setting up the manufacturing facilities in Mexico for Latin America and North America market segments.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Provectus’ Zed Machine is customized as per each need. Provectus’ Zed Machine is modular, scalable, retrofit, and ideal for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) initiatives while addressing PEOPLE PLANET PROFIT.

Objectives at Green Expo Mexico 2022

  • Meeting business leaders in setting up Provectus manufacturing plant(s).
  • Meeting clients B2B and B2C
  • Market exposure
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Event details

Date: September 6 - 8, 2022

Event contact

Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


7 in total