TROES Corp. is a Canadian-based, advanced Battery Energy Storage tech company, specializing in smart distributed Energy Storage solutions.

Based on safe LiFePO4 technology, we develop, design, manufacture and deliver complete systems (hardware and software), which are safer (LiFePO4-tech, rigorously tested and UL/UN- or IEC-certified), longerlasting, cloud-, IoT-, and AI-based BESS’s, integrating owned proprietary tech (filed two provisional IPs).

We mainly focus on the microgrid applications in the Commercial / Industrial / Institutional market segment and their wide range of applications. We offer “Customized-Off-The-Shelf”, flexible and scalable solutions (60 kWh – 100 +MWh), better performance, safer, IP-supported tech, very competitive financing/leasing terms and shorter delivery times.

TROES has already sold 11 systems in Canada, US, UK and Caribbean and has an active pipeline of over USD 65 million with potential projects in the US, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and southeast Asia.

Product and Services

We design, manufacture (contract manufacturing in China) and deploy Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – both with proprietary hardware and software.

Depending on the project’s nature/requirements/applications we use 3 product lines:

  • Major line, LFP chem-based battery energy storage systems, including the full cabinet/container design.
  • Other battery technology energy storage system (LTO and Flow Battery)
  • Microgrid solutions (using ESAAS – Energy Storage as a Service model)

Services, during the stages of:

  • Pre-installation: size/design of the BESS – Consulting, Simulation Modelling (for the BESS sizing and for the screening feasibility Study), Augmentation Plan (upgrading the BESS’s capacity) for long-term (10 years +) projects.
  • Installation: BESS Commissioning, Certification/Field Testing (along with the certifying body), Training on Operations.
  • Post-installation: Maintenance, Extended Warranty, Remote Monitoring/Controlling (via our Microgrid Controller).

Differentiation Factor(s)

The BESS related projects in the CII segment vary in nature and requirements and require customized solution.

TROES is set apart from the rest of energy storage providers by:

  • offering industry leading safety tested batteries, modular and customizable designs to match client needs to avoid over-sizing and over-payment, and a full-solution energy storage system integrating both the hardware and software aspects to provide maximum value. Only within the spectrum of 60 kWh - 10 MWh, TROES can design and deliver over 650 different kW/kWh combinations.
  • reinventing the midsized project development cycle and providing “onestop shop” BESS related solutions by replacing services like Energy Consulting, Integrator and Software services companies. Result we reduce the project cost by 35% and the cycle time by 40%
  • enabling mid-size energy project developers and engineering firms to achieve a safer, more economical and easy-to-integrate battery energy storage solutions for their clients by leveraging TROES proprietary Energy Storage technologies. Our Cobalt-free chemistry passes 3800C in head spread test vs 2200C from NMC, and our highly modular design and integrated microgrid controller system save at least 30% cost specially in less than 5 MWh system.

Mexican electricity consumers are dealing with aging electricity grid (blackouts, voltage instability), continuously increased demand (electrification, including EVs and chargers), continuously higher electricity rates (especially in peak times), our customized BESS solutions can bring relief to many of the above pains. In addition, the results of the recent “Energy Reform” and the global oil and gas spiked prices support opportunities for BESSs - including in the area of cogeneration and integration with renewables.

Objectives at Green Expo Mexico 2022

  • Leads: Generate 30-40 valuable leads – (pavilion and B2B meetings)
  • Projects: 15-25% of the leads to have potential projects and land at least one deal (Purchase Order) within 2022, and one in 2023.
  • Agents/Channel Partners: Create a pipeline of 5-8 potential Agents, sign in at least one by end of Q3 2022 and one more by year end.
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Date: September 6 - 8, 2022

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