RainGrid Inc. specializes in AI/IoT rainfall retention and reuse technology specifically designed for residential property-based networks of community scale resilience and adaptation to flood and drought. Aggregated Rain Grid Outcomes Network (ARGoN) Systems consist of an AI powered predictive precipitation forecast algorithm, a programmable logic controller managing sensor peripherals for cistern management, and an API and UI/UX platform for mobile and desktop management of rainfall retention and reuse. Finally, the ARGoN Credit Calculator is an outcomes-based capability to monetize the application of ARGoN Systems against stormwater, GhG and ecosystem outcomes credit markets.

Products and Services

Aggregated Rain Grid Outcome Network (ARGoN) Systems are rainfall retention and reuse technologies powered by artificial intelligence precipitation forecasts, linked to internet of things managed cisterns or blue roofs as storage media, and a credit aggregation and monetization platform to valuate rain fall retention and reuse against stormwater credit requirements, carbon credit requirements, social engagement and democratization of water security of supply technology on private properties across a community network.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Rainfall may be negatively affected by climate variable and seasonal drought, but it rains everywhere and real estate markets have typically managed rainfall as a waste water problem rather than a resource. Eventually it will rain again in Nuevo Leon (NL) and typically flood follows drought; RainGrid will transform flood capacity into long term climate security of supply by managing rainfall as a resource for retention and reuse.

Objectives at Green Expo Mexico 2022

Establish market engagement with Ricardo Elizalde and the contacts he has identified for RainGrid in the NL and Monterrey market, as well as the Yucatan market.

Following direct engagement with the Rotoplas ownership through our engagement with Accuntai USA CEO Chris Cameron, we hope to bridge a relationship between the Rojas and Lozano families.

Event details

Date: September 6 - 8, 2022

Event contact

Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


7 in total