The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is responsible for advancing the knowledge of space through science, and using its discoveries for the good of Canadians and all of humanity.

Canada recognizes the space sector is a strategic national asset and seeks to ensure Canada remains a spacefaring nation. Looking forward, Canada seeks to create a vibrant and sustainable space sector anchored by a whole-of-government effort that sets a new vision for Canadian space exploration, sees increased partnership with industry to create the jobs of the future, leverages the power of space to inspire youth, and harnesses the potential of space to solve everyday challenges for Canadians while unlocking the secrets of our universe.


Jean-Claude Piedboeuf is Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Innovation, and Chief Financial Officer at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) since April 2023. After completing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a specialty in space robotics, Jean-Claude spent a year of research in Germany and then joined the Royal Military College of Kingston, Ontario as Professor in Mechanical Engineering. Since his arrival at the Canadian Space Agency in 1996 as a researcher in robotics, he has held various management and executive positions. Following his appointment as Director General, Space Science and Technology in 2014, Jean-Claude took on the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer in 2018. In September 2020, he had additional responsibilities as Director General for Corporate Services where he played an important strategic role in corporate and investment planning to align CSA funding and resources with priorities. As VP, his responsibilities also include information management and information technologies. Jean-Claude is also CSA champion for the Public Service Renewal Beyond 2020 initiative as well as the champion of creativity and innovation at CSA.

The Corporate Services Sector is a strategic business partner within the CSA and provides the innovative corporate infrastructure required to support the policy and program areas in delivering on the government’s expectations for the space sector. In addition, the VP also assumes a whole of Agency role with respect to data science and data management as well as the development of a new partnership model with the space sector through the creation and implementation of a new Space Hub.

  • Jean-Claude Piedboeuf

    Jean-Claude Piedboeuf

    Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Innovation, and Chief Financial Officer at the Canadian Space Agency

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