Lunar Medical Inc. is a Canadian company focused on digital health and clinical decision support systems for deep space exploration and rural and remote communities on Earth. Founded in 2012 by Dr. David Musson, a McMaster University faculty member and physician with expertise in aerospace, applied psychology, medical simulation, and decision support, and Dr. Thomas Doyle, an Associate Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering at McMaster University, Faculty Affiliate of the Vector Institute, and Professional Engineer with expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, biomedical engineering, and embedded systems. Lunar Medical draws on a network subject matter experts and collaborators both in Canada and abroad as it develops the capability to deliver state-of-the-art medical support to anyone, anywhere, any time. Lunar Medical is currently funded by the Canadian Space Agency to develop the Connected Care Medical Module concept, a deployable digital health solution for remote and isolated communities that will serve as a model for deep space healthcare delivery.


David Musson is the CEO and co-founder of Lunar Medical Inc. He holds an MD from the University of Western Ontario and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, he served as a flight surgeon with the Royal Canadian Air Force, the founding Director for the Centre for Medical Simulation at McMaster University, and the Associate Dean for the MD Program at the new Northern Ontario School of Medicine. As a researcher, he has studied the psychological selection of astronauts, the use of Antarctic stations as behavioural analogs of spaceflight, the use of the Arctic as a medical analog for spaceflight, and defining medical training requirements for deep space missions. His current work is focused on developing medical support architecture and medical decision support systems for spaceflight. His work has been funded by NASA, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND). He is currently the lead on a Canadian Space Agency-funded project to develop the Connected Care Medical Module (C2M2) deployable medical suite.

  • David Musson

    David Musson MD, PhD

    CEO, Lunar Medical

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