SkyWatch is the premier global distribution platform for Earth observation (EO) data, delivering information from more satellites and to more customers than any other platform worldwide. Our versatile software offerings span the EO value chain, encompassing enterprise end-user solutions, satellite-embedded software for near-real-time processing and analysis, and everything in between. Based in Waterloo, Canada, we are celebrated as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the space technology sector.


James is a Co-Founder and the CEO of SkyWatch. Powered by a strong belief that our explorations of space are fundamental to building a better planet, he's dedicated his entire career to growing the commercial space economy. His efforts range from educating our youngest students on the wonders of space to hosting space-focused hackathons for our oldest students, to spending many countless hours advising the next generation of space entrepreneurs on how they can reach the moon, literally and figuratively.

  • James Slifierz

    James Slifierz


Marc Fleck is the Director of Customer Success and Support at SkyWatch Space Applications. He leads a team dedicated to ensuring SkyWatch customers are able to best leverage earth observation data and unlock its potential as part of their business use-cases. Previously, he worked as a Product Manager at Boeing NeXt, Boeing’s innovation wing, where he helped designed future air traffic control systems for unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs). Marc holds a Bachelors of Computer Engineering from Queen’s University.

  • Marc Fleck

    Marc Fleck

    Director, Customer Success & Support

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