Ecocarrier develops and offers cloud-based service provision for multi-modal real-time communication including text chat, video conference, virtual interaction for remote collaboration with real-time ASR transcription and translation, text-to-speech, recording and out-dialing capability to any valid telephone number and speech-enabled multilingual intelligent chatbot integrated with ChatGPT4 & proprietary knowledge-based NLP (natural language processing) + AR/VR/XR enabled Games. Ecocarrier makes complex systems available to users in an easily consumable form through simple UI of a progressive web app.

Mission Objectives

To seek and build B2B relationships for horizontal integration and B2B2C vertical relationships for managed service provision across all commerce/industry space. To promote B2C brands of cloud-based service provision named ECO123  which offers much more than Whatsapp in terms of functional features and value proposition.

Exhibition Day: June 27, 2023
Exhibition Location: Ontario Pavilion E167

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Event details

Date: June 26 - 29, 2023

Event contact

Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


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