Expancio is a retail and franchise eCommerce SaaS platform that helps businesses build customer-engaging eCommerce applications and sales funnels to boost sales. By providing an all-in-one online and offline e-commerce solution, Expancio solves a key pain point for retailers that cannot use traditional e-commerce solutions to engage local shoppers to grow their business.

Expancio’s unique products include:

  • All-in-one application builder;
  • Embedded affiliate marketing and sales channels;
  • Integration of online and offline marketing and sales channels;
  • Franchise management system

Mission Objectives

At Collision 2023, Expanio hopes to develop and find strategic partners to build the Expanio brand and export its products and services to target markets.

Exhibition Day: June 27, 2023
Exhibition Location: Government of Ontario Start-up Island

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Event details

Date: June 26 - 29, 2023

Event contact

Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


172 in total