Workwolf® is hiring software that finds, screens and validates quality candidates, better than humans can. Its technology accurately filters hundreds of job applicants based on customer best-in-class performance standards, then validates resume claim and credential information so that it’s authenticated before the time of offer. The resulting outcome for its customers is better-matched hires who perform faster and better, while making these hires in less time and for less money.

Mission Objectives

To meet with companies who want to optimize their hiring process using the latest advancements in technology automation and to partner with companies want powerful hiring software that’s easy to use and can integrate seamlessly with their existing software, or replace software that is cumbersome, hard to use and expensive.

Exhibition Day: June 27, 2023
Exhibition Location: Government of Ontario Start-up Island




Event details

Date: June 26 - 29, 2023

Event contact

Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


172 in total