FN Immersive Innovation assists diverse industries in overcome skills shortages, facilitating knowledge transfer across generations, and enhancing workplace safety. Utilizing its industrial Metaverse powered by VR, AI, and digital twins technologies, it revolutionizes job training and expedite competency attainment. FN’s platform empowers educators with immersive learning tools, addressing workshop shortages and cost reduction. It equips the workforce of tomorrow with relevant skills and enables jobseekers to explore fulfilling careers. Its Industrial Metaverse is immersive, engaging, cost-effective, and low-risk.

Mission Objectives
FN Immersive Innovation would like to identify qualified leads in both local and international markets for sales or PoC and gain a better understanding of the competition in its sector. It is also looking to network, identify partnership opportunities and explore opportunities with investors.

Event details

Date: June 17 - 21, 2024

Event contact

Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


106 in total