Oxford Cancer Analytics (OXcan) is creating a paradigm shift in early disease detection, monitoring, and treatment of lung cancer. OXcan's multidisciplinary team invented a liquid biopsy blood test developed via cutting-edge proteomics and machine learning that can detect lung cancers early enough when they can still be cured. Fully integrated with existing clinical pathways for accelerated deployment and collaborating with 10+ leading centres of excellence across three continents, this blood test can be conducted in an affordable, minimally invasive, and routine manner in large populations with standard equipment in any diagnostics facility at 1/10th of the cost compared to conventional approaches. 

This integrated approach has demonstrated the ability to detect early-stage lung cancer at >90% sensitivity (compared to 20-48% in leading liquid biopsy competitors) and >90% specificity, with a first peer-reviewed manuscript on the analytical portion of this pipeline published in iScience, Cell Press. OXcan is moving forward with detecting multiple other cancer types in parallel to further scale.

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Date: June 3 - 6, 2024

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Patricia Cosgrove
Area Director
USA: Life Sciences


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