Automotive Lightweight Structures and Propulsion System Supplier

Martinrea International is a global leader in the design, development and production of lightweight structures and propulsion systems that address the automotive industry’s current and future solutions.

Product Information

As a global light weighting partner, Martinrea designs, engineers and develops chassis, body structures and battery trays utilizing steel, aluminum and multi material solutions. We develop and manufacture propulsion system solutions; graphene and nylon coated brake lines, fluid and thermal products, engine blocks and transmission products.

Differentiation Factor(s)

Lightweight Structures: Large and complex aluminum die casting and multi-material structural products for chassis, body in white and battery tray.

Propulsion Systems: Application of Graphene and Nylon Coated Brake Lines resulting to lightweight, cost savings and improved performance.

In-house design and testing facilities located globally.


As an Ontario based company, operating globally, Martinrea is working to expand its customer base in Japan and provide highly engineered and value-added system solutions to its target customers.

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Date: May 25 - 27, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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