A sensing platform to measure automotive components that experience large deformations, such as tires

MesoMat has developed a new form of material sensor, plastic based sensing fibres, which work in systems where traditional sensors fail. MesoMat combines this fundamental innovation with software and electronics to provide a platform for predictive maintenance and condition based monitoring in materials which are frequently used in automotive systems - plastics, composites and rubbers. In particular, MesoMat sensors access previously inaccessible information in components such as tires. The associated data can be used to optimize performance, manufacturing and efficiency to help enable vehicle automation and electrification.

To date, MesoMat has successfully demonstrated our technology in 10+ systems, including test integrations in pilot vehicles with leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers. MesoMat is currently working toward full integration and commercial deployment with industry partners and is aiming to expand and accelerate the adoption of its technology within the automotive sector.

Product Information:

MesoMat combines innovative sensors with electronics and software to provide a platform for sensing deformation in materials which are difficult to measure with traditional techniques. One primary use case for MesoMat sensors is tires. Increased tire wear in autonomous and electric vehicles has created a demand for better ways to monitor tire performance and lifetime across the automotive industry. To supplement existing temperature and pressure monitoring systems, MesoMat sensors provide high-resolution real-time information on tire deformation. This data can be used to build sophisticated smart tire solutions that provide information on tire performance, lifetime and driving conditions which are inaccessible today.

Other automotive applications include: Impact detection in various components such as bumpers and body panels; Sensing in carbon fibre components including hydrogen fuel tanks; Wear detection; and Incorporation of electronics/sensing into interiors.

Differentiation Factor(s)

  • MesoMat sensors are global sensors (strains anywhere along the length of the sensor are detected), in contrast with traditional point sensors which provide localized feedback over small regions.
  • Whereas most strain sensors can measure strains up to ~1% at most, MesoMat sensors can measure from fractions of a microstrain all the way up to strains as large as 20%.
  • MesoMat sensors are cost-effective
  • MesoMat sensors can be easily integrated into various systems
  • There is no other sensing platform which can be used to provide high-resolution measurements of tire deformation in real-time


MesoMat seeks to connect with key decision makers in the automotive supply chain, particularly the R&D departments of Tier 1 suppliers and tire manufacturers. MesoMat has successfully demonstrated its core technology with North American and European partners in the automotive industry and would like to explore opportunities to collaboratively integrate our technology with other global partners.

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Date: May 25 - 27, 2022

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