A Global Leader in Cybersecurity, Awareness, Education and Certification

Cyber Security Global Alliance’s mandate is to work with our members and partners creating a global cybersecurity network that will educate, certify, accredit, develop programs, and consult, solving the pain points for governments, military, and corporations to protect themselves from malicious threat actors and cyber-attacks no matter where they are.

We are leaders in the cybersecurity industry focused on cross collaboration and global cybersecurity initiatives, constantly evolving. CSGA members include universities, colleges, organizations, corporations, and people like you who are dedicated to advancing our shared resources globally.

Cyber Security Global Alliance is building its global footprint and is quickly becoming a world leader of cybersecurity education and defense, becoming your global resource centre for cybersecurity.


Cyber Security Global Alliance will identify and address the grand challenges in cybersecurity and the protection of data, privacy, and online security. Our organization will meet people, companies, and presenters to discuss their cyber needs in education, training, certification, presentation, and initiate changes in helping others build awareness and compliance to meet the changing times with certification and compliance.

Our organization engages with government, military, commercial and private sectors, and industries alike. Through communications, think tanks, task forces and through our global achievements. CSGA will continue to grow and assist in cybersecurity and defense globally.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022

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Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


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