Every retailer pays significantly daily for numerous traffic & sales driving opportunities through their leases; via gross rent, variable rent, CAM fees, marketing/promo/ad funds, merchant association fees and/or percentage rent.

Every shopping center promotes their retailers’ marketing campaigns to millions of consumers to drive traffic and sales; whether via their mobile site, website, app, social media, email list, physical marketing opportunities, events and/or onsite digital signage.

However, only 10% of retailers engage the benefits of these significant investments collectively costing retailers hundreds of billions in sales every year!

Engagement Agents is an award-winning SaaS based solution which:

  • makes it easy for retailers to engage their already-paid-for shopping centers’ marketing channels and;
  • promptly optimize the marketing within their leases and/or reduce lease obligations
  • drive more traffic and sales (in-store & online)
  • prevent lost traffic & sales to competitors
  • save measurable amounts of time, money and resources
  • ensure their brand and campaigns are consistent, current, correct and compliant


Seeking to build relationships with:

  • retailers and shopping centres
  • strategic partners servicing the retailer industry
  • funding and investment opportunities

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022

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Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


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