Translucent specializes in health information and clinical research technology. Our product, Emrchiver, is a cloud-based healthcare platform for secure data migration and data management.

Emrchiver data migration allows for effective legacy data archival and related legacy system decommissioning. Simplified access to data is provided within a secure enterprise-level platform, allowing your organization to accelerate its data strategy with an interoperability solution integrating within your existing EMR.

Emrchiver’s clinical data management solution includes any data type, and leverages FHIR standards for improved interoperability across disparate clinical systems. Clinical data integration to a single solution improves workflows for both clinicians and IT administrators, improving patient outcomes.

As experts in health IT data management, our projects are streamlined to ensure utmost speed, quality, and efficiency throughout our engagements.


Our mission participation objectives include leveraging the mission's access to 1:1 export advice and consultation, and the curated B2B matchmaking program.

Additionally, we are looking to take full advantage of the conference's many benefits including participation in the various seminars, networking with customers and partners on the conference floor, and participation in the conference networking events.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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