At Zagitas we help people in organizations build thriving lives by making their work more fulfilling and productive.

We provide digital workers, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation, to take on repetitive work in business processes, while reducing cost and increasing productivity, and giving back valuable human time for high-value activities. And at the same time allowing human time to be returned to high-value activities, such as analysis, customer service, and creativity.

We focus on the retail, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, in the areas of operations, accounting, and human resources.

We serve clients in North America and Latin America, with offices in Toronto, Canada, and Lima, Peru. Our clients include Kimberly Clark and Santander Bank.


We are interested in having exposure to find potential investors to help us in our expansion in North America and internationally. We are also interested in finding potential customers in the industries we serve, and finally, we would also like to establish relationships with international companies that can help us to open new markets and leverage their commercial networks.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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